[Advocacy] OSS going before parliament next week

Iain Roberts iain.roberts at opensourceconsortium.org
Sun Nov 12 12:49:14 GMT 2006

After the Queen's Speech this week, John Pugh MP will put down an Early 
Day Motion we've written saying nice things about OSS in education and 
expressing concern that Becta and the DfES aren't doing anything to 
promote it, even as far as a level playing field.

When it's down, we'll be asking you to contact your MP and ask them to 
sign the EDM (we'll provide all the information you need to state the case).

Myself, Leslie, Ian Lynch and Sue McGuire met with Becta's new Chief 
Executive last week (Becta being the govt. body advising schools on 
ICT).  Becta have made it clear that they do not believe their 
procurement frameworks are unfair to OSS and they have no plans to 
promote OSS outside those frameworks.

We disagree and are not going to be shy in saying so.  If you can help 
us beyond contacting MPs (e.g. getting the message clear on our website, 
writing press releases, contacting other organisations that might 
support us (OSS, open standards, schools, universities, political groups 
etc.)) please let me know.

You can find our under-development website at


(To be migrated to www.openschoolsalliance.org in the next few days).


Iain Roberts
Chief Executive
Open Source Consortium

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