[Advocacy] OSS going before parliament next week

Matthew Linden matthew.linden at siriusit.co.uk
Mon Nov 20 17:23:36 GMT 2006

Iain Roberts wrote:
> After the Queen's Speech this week, John Pugh MP will put down an 
> Early Day Motion we've written saying nice things about OSS in 
> education and expressing concern that Becta and the DfES aren't doing 
> anything to promote it, even as far as a level playing field.
> When it's down, we'll be asking you to contact your MP and ask them to 
> sign the EDM (we'll provide all the information you need to state the 
> case).
> Myself, Leslie, Ian Lynch and Sue McGuire met with Becta's new Chief 
> Executive last week (Becta being the govt. body advising schools on 
> ICT).  Becta have made it clear that they do not believe their 
> procurement frameworks are unfair to OSS and they have no plans to 
> promote OSS outside those frameworks.
> We disagree and are not going to be shy in saying so.  If you can help 
> us beyond contacting MPs (e.g. getting the message clear on our 
> website, writing press releases, contacting other organisations that 
> might support us (OSS, open standards, schools, universities, 
> political groups etc.)) please let me know.
> You can find our under-development website at
> http://openschoolsalliance.bluefountain.com/
> (To be migrated to www.openschoolsalliance.org in the next few days).
> Iain.
Would there be any merit in linking this in with starting a petition on:


and getting everyone we know who is pro FLOSS in the UK to sign it?

It only takes a couple of thousand of signatures to be very near the top 
of the list.


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