[Advocacy] OSS going before parliament next week

Leslie Fletcher Leslie.Fletcher at ukuug.org
Mon Nov 20 18:31:21 GMT 2006


A petition needs to be part of a plan in order to gain the most from the
promised response:

        Once your petition has closed it will be passed to officials who
        work for the Prime Minister in Downing Street, or sent to the
        relevant Government department for a response.  
It would need to be carefully structured to meet the conditions laid
down at 


The main point in creating a petition seems to me to be that a petition
must have:

        a clear and concise statement covering the subject of the
        petition. It should state what action the petitioner wishes the
        PM or the Government to take. 
Suw Charman's petition on DRM looks like an excellent example to watch
and learn from (and to sign up to!).


Leslie Fletcher

> >
> Would there be any merit in linking this in with starting a petition on:
> http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/
> and getting everyone we know who is pro FLOSS in the UK to sign it?
> It only takes a couple of thousand of signatures to be very near the top 
> of the list.
> Matthew
Leslie Fletcher <Leslie.Fletcher at ukuug.org>

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