[Advocacy] Anybody there?

Iain Roberts iain.roberts at opensourceconsortium.org
Mon Oct 23 16:57:34 BST 2006

Hi Antony,

As you'd probably guess from my email on Friday, I agree with your 
premise about getting the FLOSS message across in ways that other people 
understand and relating it to things they care about.

I would keep lobbying and marketing separate; they're very different 
activities, albeit it with some overlap.

I don't think lobbying requires too much money, certainly nothing like 
£100k.  In addition to any staff costs, you could usefully use a few 
thousand pounds for meetings and the like.  I would again invite anyone 
interested in this route to contribute to the Open Schools Alliance.

I know little about marketing; but I would think marketing "FLOSS" would 
open up a whole can of worms and be tricky, to say the least; though of 
course there has been some success marketing individual products like 
Firefox.  For anyone intersted in marketing FLOSS, Rory MacDonald and 
Tom Callway, both experienced at OSS marketing, would be good to talk 
to.  I suspect I can think of better ways to spend £100k though ;-)


Antony Gelberg wrote:
> I even have a plan.
> 1. We define the name, structure, mission statement, a /short/ list of 
> objectives.
> 2. We approach various groups and ask them to chip in.
> 3. We campaign (both in lobbying terms and in marketing).
> Thoughts?  Mainly relating to funding?  We're talking raising six 
> figures if we want to make any sort of impression.  I don't think that 
> the mooted £100K goes that far in /serious/ marketing.
> If there is a nucleus of interest, I would certainly be up for taking 
> this somewhere.

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