[Advocacy] Re: [BSF.TF-OSC] FLOSS advocacy in Canada

Iain Roberts iain.roberts at opensourceconsortium.org
Tue Oct 24 12:54:42 BST 2006

dad at night-shade.org.uk wrote:
> Perhaps we could learn a trick or two from
> http://www.itbusiness.ca/it/client/en/home/News.asp?id=40933&cid=3
> Leslie Fletcher
> Usual address Leslie.Fletcher at ukuug.org

No harm going direct to MPs and getting a bit of publicity doing it, but 
as they admit themselves, the CDs they distribute aren't likely to be 
viewed by any MPs, and even the coaster option seems pretty unlikely.

If it worked as a publicity stunt and got some media coverage, fair 
enough.  As a method of actually reaching MPs, I think the route we're 
embarking on of building relationships with MPs in various different 
ways and talking to them will work better.

I'll be happy to be proved wrong if Canada goes all FLOSS on us :-)


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