[UKUUG-Announce] DTI Conference - Trusted Computing 26th Jan 2006

Eddie Bleasdale eddie at netproject.com
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Trusted Computing and ensuring the security of e-business

Date: 	Thursday 26th Jan 2006

Venue: 	DTI conference centre, Victoria Street, London

Time:	9:30am to 1pm

Fee: 	Free to senior IT professionals in the private sector

To reserve your place: 
Email info at netproject.com your contact details; your organisation; your
position within the organisation


When it comes to trusted computing IT managers / strategists need to
question - if not outright challenge - the conventional wisdom and
status quo. If conventional wisdom was working why is the rate of
security flaws going up not down? Why is the rate of security attacks
constantly increasing? Why is IT security so expensive and hard to

The IT industry is spending $ billions developing the technology to
enable trusted computing. Those with responsibility for their
organisation's security strategy need to understand the implications of
these developments. They need to plan a long term strategy to ensure
their organisation benefits from e-business. To do this they must ensure
their e-business transactions are secure and confidential.

This conference is a wake up call. Find out what is happening in the
area of trusted computing. Find out what these developments mean to you.
Make sure you and your organisation are in a position to benefit.


Trusted computing - An overview
Eddie Bleasdale, Consultant, netproject

The key goal of Trustworthy Computing is to make computing so safe and
reliable that people simply take it for granted — just as they use the
telephone system today. This session will review the features required
to ensure trusted systems and will explain the developments that are
taking place around Trusted Computing.

The technologies to enable trusted Computing
David Everett
This presentation will deal with the technologies that are being
developed to enable trusted computing.

Building Software in an Adversarial Environment.
Senior Director, Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments
Microsoft Corporation
The talk will cover the evolution of threats to computer and
communications systems and how we are having to adapt how we design,
develop, and test new systems. 

One Key to rule them all and in the darkness bind them all
Alan Cox, Lead Linux Kernel Developer and Security Architect

Alan has strong views about the issues of secure and trusted computing.
Alan will outline the views of the Open Source community and how Open
Source Software can be used to provide trusted systems.

Open Forum
A round table discussion where the delegates will be able to question
the speakers about the issues they have raised and discuss the
strategies they should be considering to ensure their organisations are
able to deploy trusted systems.

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