[UKUUG-Announce] Web Developer Activities (WWW2006)

Leslie Carr lac at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Apr 12 11:23:49 BST 2006

To WW Developers & Technical Specialists,

The International World Wide Web conference ( www2006.org/ukuug ) is
a unique event that draws business leaders, industrial technologists,
academics, standards body representatives, and developers, united in
their interest in seeing the Web flourish.

This year there is a tremendous buzz on the topic of Web 2.0 and a blend
of technologies such as AJAX, JSON, Microformats and mashups will be
featured in our Next-Wave developer sessions.

There are strong Semantic Web developer sessions with a focus on tools
for projecting and accessing data from the semantics web, as well as
platforms and browsers.

The Mobile, XML and Security are featured large as well with developer
sessions on each. Plus we're holding one session back for any
late-breaking news.

As well as a full programme of developer presentations there are  

  - "Current Best Practices in Web Development and Design"
from Devan Shepherd (author of "Teach Yourself XML in 21 Days")
and David Leip, IBM Corporate Webmaster

- "Practical Microformats" from Molly Holzschlag
     co-author of "The Zen of CSS Design"

- "XForms" from John Boyer (IBM)
     co-editor of W3C XML Forms Recommendation (2nd Edition)

WWW2006 offers a unique blend of academic, business, and developer
focussed sessions and a rare opportunity to meet with leaders from
throughout the industry.

Further details of the developer-specific program can be found at:
Jeremy Carroll, Mark Baker, Stuart Williams, WWW2006 Developer Track  
Les Carr, WWW2006 General Chair

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