[UKUUG-Announce] Potential AppArmour Presentation in London - 2006-02-28

Dean Wilson dwilson at unixdaemon.net
Mon Feb 27 17:22:28 GMT 2006

For one night only Crispin Cowan, chief architect of AppArmor (and
previously CTO and co-founder of Immunix) will be available to give his
excellent talk on AppArmor to a lucky London audience.

"AppArmor is a Linux application security framework that provides
mandatory access control for programs, protecting against the
exploitation of software flaws and compromised systems. AppArmor
includes everything you need to provide effective containment for
programs (including those that run as root) to thwart attempted exploits
and even zero-day attacks. AppArmor offers an advanced toolset that
largely automates the development of per-program application security so
that no new expertise is required."

And IMHO it's pretty cool.

What's the catch? It's tomorrow (Tuesday 28th of Feb) or nothing! Crispin
is only in London for a couple of days and has a single slot in his diary,
and he's graciously said he'd give his talk if we're interested. Because
the speaker only has a limited amount of time available in town I need
people to let me know if they are interested, and WILL TURN UP, before I
ask him to give the talk. If you want to see this talk email me! But please
be realistic about your chances of attending.

If we get 20 or more people confirm they want to come I'll send out
another announcement confirming that it's on. If the meeting happens the
venue will be the Fotango (www.fotango.com) offices in Old Street. The
presentation will start at seven, an hour for the talk, some time for
questions and then to a local pub for food and drink. I'll also post an
update to http://blog.unixdaemon.net by noon Tuesday.

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