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Tue Jan 3 11:05:28 GMT 2006

Welcome to the January OpenAdvantage Newsletter 

A new 'hot' topic for the new year - VoIP.  Cut the costs for national and international phone calls and have complete security, flexibility and simplicity. 


      * Cutting the cost of communications: an introduction to VoIP - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/oaevent.2005-11-07.5128062565 - 10th January 
      * Win More Business: Manage your customers from lead to invoice - http://www.nb2bc.co.uk/PagEd-index-topic_id-0-page_id-110.phtml - 8th February 
      * Get up to speed and stay on top! - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/oaevent.2005-12-12.3922878882 - 16th January 
      * Open Source content management - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/20060215-os-cms - 15th February 
      * Why should you care about Open Source? - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/20060222-why-you-should-care - 22nd February


      * MySQL for MS Access developers - http://www.nb2bc.co.uk/PagEd-index-topic_id-0-page_id-110.phtml - 11th January 
      * PHP and MySQL training - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/php_mysql_2005-01-19 - 19th - 20th January 
      * Hooking upto Voice over IP - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/oaevent.2005-11-07.8572375284 - 26th - 27th January 
      * Linux Admin - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/linux-admin-09-02-2006 - 9th - 10th February 
      * Buidling Dynamic Websites with Mambo CMS - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/february_mambo - 23rd - 24th February 


      * Web application development with PHP - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/20060216-web-app-dev-w-php - 16th February - 21st February

All of our events are available via RSS at http://www.openadvantage.org/events/RSS 

Comments & Feedback 

We value your time in reading this eNewsletter. If you have any comments or questions regarding topics you would like covered in seminars, the FastTrack programme or training, or have particular business issues you are tackling at the moment, please contact us on info at openadvantage.org

If you prefer not to receive further information, please email: info at openadvantage.org and state 'unsubscribe' in the subject field.

OpenAdvantage is funded by Advantage West Midlands - http://www.wmictcluster.org/

We work in association with The National Business to Business Centre at Warwick University (http://www.nb2bc.co.uk/) and The National Computing Centre in Manchester (http://www.ncc.co.uk/). 

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