[UKUUG-Announce] Linux 2006 Conference and Tutorials, Brighton, 29 June - 2 July

Alasdair G Kergon agk at ukuug.org
Tue Jun 13 22:56:37 BST 2006

I have now placed the timetable for this event onto the website.  We've
again put together a strong and varied line-up designed to appeal to all
tastes!  As usual, O'Reilly will be offering books at a discount and
Linux Emporium will also be there.

If you're thinking of attending but haven't placed your booking yet, please
would you do so ASAP?  We have to finalise numbers with the venue rather
early this year - first thing on Thursday this week (June 15th) - so
later bookings may miss out on food and accommodation:-(

Also, if you know of any people who might be interested in the free
introductory talks on Saturday (see below), please consider inviting
them - perhaps by forwarding this message to them.

Finally, if you have attended any of our summer linux conferences in the
past, but will not be doing so this year, we would be interested to hear
your reasons - perhaps you'll be on holiday or watching the World Cup,
or maybe you no longer have the same interest in linux or find the
conference fees too expensive.

Please send us a quick email at linux2006 at ukuug.org.  This will help us
in planning next year's event.


Linux 2006 Conference & Tutorials, Brighton, Thur 29th June - Sun 2nd July

Full details at http://www.ukuug.org/events/linux2006/

The event begins with a choice of tutorials on Thursday.
Then the twin-track 3-day conference runs from Friday to Sunday.

Tutorials on Thursday 29th June

Full-day:  Building and Maintaining Software Packages with RPM - Jos Vos
Morning:   Optimising MySQL Databases - Mark Leith (MySQL)
Afternoon: Using SystemTap and kdump to diagnose kernel-related problems
	   - Richard Moore (IBM)

Introductory talks: Saturday 1st July
This section of the conference is aimed at people who are relatively new to
linux and is free of charge.  Lunch is included if you register on the
website before Thursday 15th June.  Programme:

   * An introduction to Networking - Antony Stone
   * Getting Started with Apache - Jim Kissel (OSM Ltd.)
   * Securing Linux - Nils Magnus
   * What are all these distributions and how should I choose one?
       - Stuart Yeates (OSS Watch)
   * Creating DVD videos on Linux and Unix systems - Ben Hutchings

   * The politics of Linux - Andrew Nicolson (Southampton Institute)
   * Towards an All-Party Parliamentary Open Source Group - Leslie Fletcher
   * OpenOffice.org beyond 2.0... - Michael Meeks (Novell)
   * Kubuntu Dapper and KDE 4: The GNU/Linux Desktop
       - Jonathan Riddell (Canonical)

Provisional Conference Programme: Friday 30th June - Sunday 2nd July
   * State of Play: Free Software, ready or not? - Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
   * Advocating Linux - Jono Bacon (OpenAdvantage/LUGRadio)

Case Studies
   * Apache at The Register: Building a Large Website from mod_rewrite
       and mod_include - Aaron Crane
   * 30 million and counting: An insight into a enterprise level open
       source systems - Neil McGovern (Fotopic.net)
   * How does OSS stack up? - Mark Taylor & Duncan Gibb (Sirius Corporation)
   * The State of Open Source in Higher and Further Education - Stuart Yeates
   * OpenStreetMap: The First Year - Steve Coast
   * Linux at Home - John Pinner (Clockwork Software Systems)
   * Virtual Curtains for Privacy Enhancement - Torsten Spindler (ETH Zurich)

Clustering and Virtualisation
   * Linux HA v2: One CRM to rule them all - Lars Marowsky-Bree (SuSE Labs)
   * How Hardware Supported Virtualization in Xen works - Mats Petersson (AMD)
   * A low-cost Linux based graphics cluster for cultural visualisation in
       virtual environments - Aidan Delaney (University of Brighton)

Desktop and Applications
   * Desktop Linux Innovation at Novell - Ted Haeger (Novell)
   * SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop: Under the Hood - Ted Haeger (Novell)
   * (Free)NX - Remote Desktop Access, Present and Future - Fabian Franz
   * MySQL Roadmap - Mark Leith (MySQL)
   * Settling on decent Python Web Technologies - Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
   * Ubuntu 6.06 LTS: Lickable, Triumphant, Suspendible (TBC) - Paul Sladen

   * ROOT and PROOF - Ruediger Berlich (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe)
   * The Interactive Europen Grid project (int.eu.grid) - Stuart Kenny

Installation and Booting
   * Automated Debian Installs for Fun and Profit - Phil Hands
   * depinit - Richard Lightman

   * Porting uCLinux on a Coldfire processor: Writing Frame Buffer Drivers
      - Craig Duffy & Edwin Langley (Bristol UWE)
   * Flash memories and MTD Subsystem under Linux
       Networking and Internet Software Group - C-DAC, Pune University
   * The Linux Error Detection and Correction subsystem (EDAC) - Tim Small

   * Hardware hacking on a budget; the Amstrad E3 - Jonathan McDowell

   * Sed: more than just s/foo/bar/ - Tethys

The programme is subject to change - check website for up-to-date information.

All conference places also include a ticket for the Conference Dinner on Friday
evening, sponsored by The Positive Internet Company, and a copy of the
conference CD sponsored by Novell.

Web: http://www.ukuug.org/events/linux2006/
Email: office at ukuug.org
Tel: +44 1763 273 475
Event sponsored by Novell, The Positive Internet Company and IBM

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