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Wed Mar 15 10:22:36 GMT 2006

Welcome to the March OpenAdvantage Newsletter 

Accelerate your web development with Ruby on Rails. Find out why this new tool is taking the world by storm, allowing powerful web application development to take days rather than months.

And, if you have any doubts around Open Source licensing, hear answers from a legal firm who will look at the facts and dispel common myths around the legal impact of using or developing an open source product, 


      * Open Source database servers - Power without the cost - 22nd March - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/oaevent.2006-01-20.8490925679
      * Open Source: the legal issues - 29th March - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/oaevent.2006-02-03.6600752024
      * Building Dynamic Websites - 5 April - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/copy_of_oaevent.2005-03-07.5812937824


      * Building dynamic websites with Mambo CMS - 27th - 28th March - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/2006-03-mambo
      * Accelerate your web development with Rails - 6th - 7th April - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/200504_rails_fasttrack
      * PHP & MySQL training - 27-28th April - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/copy_of_copy_of_php_mysql_14-11-2005


      * Intro to Linux Administration - 30th March - 5th April - http://www.openadvantage.org/events/oaevent.2006-03-09.2333991278

All of our events are available via RSS at http://www.openadvantage.org/events/RSS 

Comments & Feedback 

We value your time in reading this eNewsletter. If you have any comments or questions regarding topics you would like covered in seminars, the FastTrack programme or training, or have particular business issues you are tackling at the moment, please contact us on info at openadvantage.org

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OpenAdvantage is funded by Advantage West Midlands - http://www.wmictcluster.org/

We work in association with The National Business to Business Centre at Warwick University (http://www.nb2bc.co.uk/) and The National Computing Centre in Manchester (http://www.ncc.co.uk/). 
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