[UKUUG-Announce] geeKyoto 2008 - 17th May - London

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Thu Apr 10 14:53:53 BST 2008

geeKyoto 2008

The conference geeKyoto 2008 is getting nearer. If you know
anyone in the London, UK area who is interested in climate
change, technology and new ideas who is free on Saturday
17th May 2008 could you suggest http://www.geekyoto.com ?

Thanks Mark.

geeKyoto 2008

Living In The Changed World

10:00 - 16:30 - Saturday 17th May 2008. Conway Hall,
    London. £20.

We broke the world. Now what?

Mark Simpkins and Ben Hammersley announce a one day
conference in central London, with designers, technologists,
artists, architects, policy-makers, explorers, economists
and scientists, and clever people like you, to discuss the
future and how we'll live in it.

geeKyoto 2008 is a cross-discipline event, targeted at
everybody with an interest in the world we live in.

Speaking we have:

     * Adrian Hon - ARG Games Designer,
       (http://www.sixtostart/ & http://mssv.net/)
     * Christian Nold - Artist (http://www.softhook.com)
     * Gavin Starks - Website (http://blog.co2.dgen.net/)
     * Alex Haw - Architect
     * Ben Saunders - Explorer, Speaker
     * DIY Kyoto
     * Richard Sandford - Futurelab
     * Adam Thorpe - Vexed Generation & Design Against Crime
       (Central St. Martins)
     * Emma Mulqueny - UK GovWeb
     * Mitchell Sava - PolicyWonk
     * Charlie Furniss - Photographer & Journalist
     * James Smith - Do The Green Thing
     * Bryony Worthington

We will follow the event with a social meetup nearby.

We are also in discussion with the organisers of 4Good, The
festival of social innovation and 4IP, Channel 4 new
innovations fund to find ways to progress the ideas and
conversations that start at geeKyoto.


Mark Simpkins email: mark at geekyoto.com web:

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