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UKUUG Seminar 

FAB 2008 — Files and Backup Seminars

19th & 20th February - London

Disk storage capacities have taken off enormously in the past few years, 
user expectations of data storage have become more exacting as data is being 
produced at a frantic rate and the management of this data has become 
critical to the core functions of many organisations. This has changed the 
problems of data management that the system administrator has to cope with. 

These seminars, held in Central London, review current best practice and 
technologies for the system administrator. 
Tuesday 19th Feb topics include: 

Clustering with GFS2 shared-storage file system - RedHat
An introduction to High Availability
How companies achieve High Availability
Secure Network Filesystems with OpenAFS - Simon Wilkinson
Storage at 1billion km per hour - CERN
Wednesday 20th Feb topics include: 

Reliable backups without tapes
Orchestrating your Data Center
Backup and Recovery with Bacula (by it's lead developer and founder)
Backup integration with filesystem snapshot capability
plus a session of lightning talks of experiences and tips by attendees

See http://www.ukuug.org/events/seminars/fab/ - for full information - 


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