[UKUUG-Announce] UKUUG - 'Building the network you need with OpenBSD's PF' - Tutorial 26th November

Jane Morrison office at ukuug.org
Wed Oct 8 12:00:54 BST 2008

Wednesday 26th November 2008

'Building the network you need with OpenBSD's PF'  

Tutor:  Peter N M Hansteen

This tutorial focuses on building the high performance, low maintenance 
network you need. 

Along the way we explore the whys and hows and cover all bases from the basic 
one machine configuration and basic local area networks, all the way up to 
configurations with traffic shaping and load balancing with "self-healing" 
networks and counter-measures against common problems such as DOS attempts 
and spamming. 

A basic understanding of TCP/IP and some Unix knowledge is assumed. This 
tutorial will happen very soon after OpenBSD 4.4 is released and will be up 
to date with the latest release. 

Who should attend? Those who use or are considering using PF on any BSD. It 
goes from the basics to advanced usage of the latest versions of PF, 
including traffic shaping using altq, and the supporting features for higher 
level services such as trapping spam via greylisting and http filtering, SSL 
proxying, and load balancing. PFs simplicity and ease allows those new to PF 
to understand it quickly, while refreshing the best practices in filtering 
for those who have used PF for years.

Venue: Imperial Hotel, London.

see:   http://www.ukuug.org/events/pftutorial/

for full details and an on-line booking form

(this event is organised jointly with O'Reilly)

Places are going fast - book now to secure your place.....

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