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EuroBSDCon 2009 - Cambridge, UK
18-20 September 2009

     The Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) family of
     computer operating systems is derived from software
     developed at the University of California at Berkeley.
     The various family members (Dragonfly-, Free-, Net- and
     OpenBSD, among others) are extensively used both for
     embedded appliances and for large internet servers and
     have an excellent reputation for stability and state-of-the-
     art technology. BSD-derived software is a driving force
     for IT research and development and is well-received as
     a building block in commercial software due to its
     unique license scheme.

     The ninth European BSD conference is a great opportunity
     to present new ideas to the community and to meet some
     of the developers behind the different BSDs.

     The two day conference program (September 19 - 20) will
     be complemented by a tutorial day preceding the
     conference (Sept 18).

     Call for Papers

     The Conference is inviting authors to submit innovative
     and original papers not submitted to other European
     conferences on the applications, architecture,
     implementation, performance and security of BSD-derived
     operating systems. Investigations on economic aspects
     regarding the operation of BSD systems are also welcome.
     Topics of interest for the EuroBSD Conference 2009
     include, but are not limited to:

         - embedded application development and deployment
         - device drivers
         - security and safe coding practices
         - methods others should know about
         - system administration: techniques and tools of the trade
         - operational and economic aspects

     Prospective authors of contributions to the technical
     program are requested to submit an abstract by email to
     eurobsdcon at ukuug.org All submissions will be
     acknowledged. Presentations may last from 15 to 45
     minutes - please indicate how long you would like.

     This is the initial call for papers; a more focussed
     call based on initial accepted submissions will
     follow in March 2009. We will begin accepting talks
     early in 2009.

     Authors of accepted submissions should provide a full
     paper for publication in the conference proceedings and
     give permission to the organizers to publish the
     results in the printed proceedings and on the
     conference web site.

     Call for Tutorial Proposals

     Selected tutorials on practical and problem-solving
     aspects of BSD-derived operating systems will be offered
     on the day before the Conference. The tutorials will be
     presented by speakers who have wide experience in
     developing and administering the different BSDs.
     Potential tutorial themes could include, but are not
     limited to:

         - Safe coding practices to provide secure solutions
         - System load testing and tuning
         - BSD in a large network
         - Solving sets of problems

     If you are interested in presenting a tutorial, please
     contact the organisers on eurobsdcon at ukuug.org with what
     you're thinking. Initial exploratory conversations are
     as welcome as full proposals.

     Sponsorship Opportunities

     We are seeking companies or institutions to sponsor
     various elements of the conference in order to keep
     delegate fees as low as possible. Sponsorship
     opportunities include: paying for a speaker's travel or
     accommodation; providing bursaries for delegates who
     cannot pay the conference fee themselves; sponsoring
     catering, lunches, or the conference dinner.

     All sponsors will be listed in the conference
     proceedings and included on our website with a link back
     to your site. You will also have the opportunity to
     provide literature for distribution in delegate packs.
     Please contact the UKUUG Secretariat (office at ukuug.org)
     to discuss the possibilities.

     Important Dates

         Final abstract deadline: May 31st 2009 
	Final tutorial deadline: May 31st 
	Final papers due: August 1st 

Tutorial day: September 18 
Conference: September 19 - 20

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