[UKUUG-Announce] UKUUG Summer 2009 - 7 - 9 August - Birmingham - Book Now!

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Wed Jul 1 11:36:36 BST 2009

UKUUG - Summer 2009  - 7 - 9 August - Birmingham

Early Bird rates until 6th July!!!   - see http://summer2009.ukuug.org/

****With 5 great tutorials:

T1.Getting into Drupal
Duration: full day intensive workshop (09:30 - 17:30) 
Tutors: Peter Brownell and Robert Castelo, Code Positive Ltd. 

T2. Arduino introductory workshop
Duration: full day intensive workshop (09:30 - 17:30) 
Tutor: Andrew Eliasz 
T3. Introduction to LaTeX
Duration: half-day workshop (09:30 - 13:00) 
Tutors: Jonathan Fine, Joseph Wright, Alun Moon  

T4. Getting to Know the GIMP
Duration: full day intensive workshop (09:30 - 17:30) 
Tutor: Neil Woolford 

T5. Getting started with Voice over IP (VoIP)
Duration: full day workshop (09:30 - 17:30) 
Tutor: Quentin Wright 

****And a great conference programme including:

Why security engineering will just keep on getting harder
Ross Anderson, University of Cambridge 

OpenMoko - a nearly completely open GSM phone
Tom Yates, Gatekeeper Technology Ltd. 

Exim and LDAP Making Exim talk to an LDAP directory server
Jan-Piet Mens 

Yann Golanski 
Bayesian statistics and e-mail filtering

Winning the war on spam
Ian Eiloart 

Free as in profit: Free software fonts
Dave Crossland 

Collaborative Web OS - the power of UNIX in the age of Web 2.0
Dave Crossland

The GNUspool printer management system
John Pinner and John Collins 

The Dichotomy of Open Source and Computer Games [scheduled for Sunday]
Steven Goodwin 

Eiffel and C
Howard Thomson 

Advanced LVM
Chris Procter 

Converting 16k user mailboxes from MBOX to Maildir++
Ian Norton & Paul Tipper  

Open Street Map - tbc
Ciaran Mooney 

Moblin - The Netbook GUI
Michael Meeks, Novell 

LinuxIT a case study in implementing Nagios network management - tbc
Bill Quinn 

Rejoining the mainstream
Jonathan Fine  

Mer - Touching Linux
David Greaves 

Book your place now!

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