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News from UKUUG and O'Reilly

EuroBSDcon places are still available, at http://2009.eurobsdcon.org/

A packed 2 day conference (19th & 20th September) plus tutorial day (18th 
September), including a guide to FreeBSD by Kirk McKusick.

Jim Reid's DNS tutorial (13th October) early bird rate is available until15th 

see: http://www.ukuug.org/events/dnstutorial09/

The Perl tutorials given by Perl legend Dave Cross (24th, 25th & 26th 
November) early booking date has been extended to the 1st October. 

see: http://www.ukuug.org/events/perl09/

Interested in Python? Read Alex Martelli's thoughts on the future of
Python on Blog with snippet of interview:

Full Interview

Who is Alex Martelli?
Alex Martelli wrote "Python in a Nutshell" and co-edited "Python
Cookbook". He's a PSF(Python Software Foundation) member, and won the
2002 Activators' Choice Award and the 2006 Frank Willison Award for
contributions to the Python community. He works as Senior Staff Engineer
for Google.

for more events and tutorials from UKUUG and O'Reilly, see

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