[UKUUG-Announce] UKUUG - OpenTech - 11th September 2010

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Fri Aug 20 13:51:25 BST 2010

OpenTech 2010
sponsored by data.gov.uk

        Saturday 11th September - ULU, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY

  Tickets only £5 
  Students Free Entry

  Welcome to OpenTech 2010.

40 talks across 3 tracks over 7 hours, on crowds, earthquakes and
battlefronts, which hope to challenge, inspire or talk about something that
makes you want to get involved.  OpenTech 2010 includes earthquakes of the
metaphorical and physical kind, ForTheWin, enlightenment and the environment, 
and with plenty of time to talk in the bar after sessions which challenge,
inspire or talk about something that makes you want to help how you can. The 
last two times we have sold out in advance, so you are strongly advised to 

  This year's line up features...
       * Another 500 years of Enlightenment from Bill Thompson
       * Tales from the Battlefront from No2ID
       * For the Win: Game-space and Public Engagement
       * Just Do It: The Documentary by Director Emily James
       * Climate Change: how screwed are we? by AMEE
       * OpenGeoScience: not just earthquakes
       * Keeping the web open - Mozilla Drumbeat
       * 10:10 global from Technical Director Robin Houston
       * Crowdsourcing Data Context from Hadley Beeman
       * Lessons and futures from data.gov.uk
       * Today's Guardian
       * Who's lobbying?
       * and much much more besides

  The full schedule is at

  Brought to you by UKUUG and friends. Sponsored by data.gov.uk
  Tickets are £5, paid for on the door; but you should pre-register yours 
online at

  * Want to help out? *

  OpenTech is organised by volunteers and we are now looking
  for volunteers to help out on the day. In return for free
  early entry and our eternal gratitude, we're in need of a
  few people to show up a bit earlier and help us set the
  venue up, and a few people to help with the audio recordings.

  If you're interested, or have random other questions, email 
  us on opentech at ukuug.org

  One thing we're doing this year is giving everyone related
  to OpenTech the chance to post their projects on a page,
  and say what help they need. Offline or on, whether you're
  after tech people or just more helpers, you can ask the
  OpenTech community to help out what matters to you:

  Final programme may be subject to alteration. OpenTech is a
  not for profit event open to everyone so please help spread
  the word online and offline. Thanks for reading!

  When signing up for your tickets online, why not tick the
  box to hear a little more from us, or just send an email to
  opentech-info-subscribe at lists.ukuug.org . Your address will 
  only be used to contact you about OpenTech and will not be
  passed onto third parties.

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