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Mon Mar 22 11:21:07 GMT 2010

Open Tech 2010
11th September, from UKUUG

Sponsored by data.gov.uk

Open Tech 2010 is an informal, low cost, one-day conference
on slightly different approaches to technology, politics
and justice.

What do you work on that more people should know about in
any 2 (or more) of our areas?

What have you heard about recently, that you think more
people should know about?

OpenTech is as much about conversations in the bar, as it is
sitting in sessions; what topics would you like to be
discussed with a range of people? The best way of getting
the OpenTech audience to think about the challenges you have
is by sharing what they are and solutions you've already
found: by offering a talk.

Are there community projects that you work on that would
benefit from more support and different views? Are you
working on problems that you think others might help solve?

Offer a talk online at www.ukuug.org/opentech or email
opentech at ukuug.org and we'll have a chat. If you can get us
submissions (even just outline submissions) by the 1st of
May, that'd be grand.

*What is OpenTech 2010?*
   - Open Tech 2010 is an informal, low cost, one-day
     conference on slightly different approaches to
     technology, politics and justice

What's the day going to have?
   - Technology
   - Politics
   - Justice
   - what do you want to talk about?

*What do we need?*
- Proposals from people who want to give a presentation, run a panel,
   organise a tutorial, or run a demo of something new and interesting
   on something that they think matters or getting people to help.

- Publicity - please blog this announcement, write a newspaper article,
  forward to mailing lists, and tell your friends!

What topics do we hope to cover?
     - Justice: Civil, Social, Environmental, Criminal, Legal, other.
     - Community engagement
     - Democracy 2.0
     - Mashups, open data and uses
     - Future of media and distribution
     - Disaster politics and technology
     - Highlights, lowlights and lessons learnt
     - Long term thinking on big problems and massive opportunities
     - Tutorials & Workshops - share what you know

     - If you've got an interesting proposal that doesn't fit into any of
       the categories above, please send it in anyway!

What have we already got talks or sessions about?
     - Rewired State
     - Where now for Open Video? from visionon.tv
     - mySociety
     - What's next after the General Election?

    We're still looking for more talks on all our topics,
    so if you want to offer something, we're waiting to
    hear your ideas.

*How do I submit a proposal?*
     - Online form via http://www.ukuug.org/events/opentech2010/offer
     - Deadline for submissions is midnight on Tuesday 1st June 2010

*Can I buy or reserve a ticket to the event?*

- Register at http://www.ukuug.org/events/opentech2010/list
  and we'll email you nearer the time with more information

*Any other questions?*

Read the Submission page or email opentech at ukuug.org

More information at http://www.ukuug.org/events/opentech2010/

-- the OpenTech 2010 organisers
    (David, Emily, Sam)


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