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The FLOSS UK's annual Large Installation Systems Administration (LISA) event  
will be held on 20th, 21st & 22nd March 2012 in Edinburgh

We are currently accepting talks; so if you are a systems administrator, we 
want to hear from you. We are seeking papers covering all aspects of systems 
and network administration, including: 
security and audit 
authentication and authorisation 
backup and restore 
data de-duplication 
operating systems 
network/cluster file systems 
ethics and legislative compliance 
storage solutions 
databases and directory services 
nomadic and wireless computing 
cluster management 
configuration management 
scripting and task automation 
benchmarking and performance tuning 
virtualisation and system deployment using 'cloud' technology 
If you have a novel solution to a problem, experience of a particular 
application or hardware platform, tips and tricks for fellow systems 
administrators, or a favourite tool you could talk about, please submit a 
paper for consideration by the programme committee. 
Significant Dates
Initial closing date for abstracts: 18th November 2011 
Speakers notified by: 25th November 2011 
To offer a talk, or make enquiries about a partially formed idea, email 
spring2012 at flossuk.org. 
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