[UKUUG-Announce] UKUUG & O'Reilly - 'Practical DNSSEC Tutorial / Training' - November 2011

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UKUUG & O'Reilly 

'Practical DNSSEC Tutorial'  -  Tutor:  Jan-Piet Mens

Wednesday 16th November 2011 - London

This one day tutorial is aimed at experienced or aspiring DNS administrators 
who want to learn about DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC). 

A basic knowledge of Unix and DNS is expected and required. 

Topics covered include: 

*What is DNSSEC? 
DNS vulnerabilities
How DNSSEC addresses them
New DNSSEC resource records 
Chain of trust / islands of trust / DLV 
DNSSEC-capable servers 

*DNSSEC slave servers 
Protecting zone transfer with TSIG 

*BIND utilities 
Creating DNSSEC keys
Manual zone signing 

*The Unbound DNS caching server 
Scenarios for Unbound deployment
Configuring DNSSEC 
Islands of trust
Unbound and your own islands of trust 

*BIND auto-sign 
Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
Configuring BIND update policies
Creating SIG(0) keys
Dynamic updates with nsupdate 


Serving DNSSEC-signed zones from PowerDNS
PowerDNS as an in-line signer 

*DNSSEC “applications” 
What is DANE? 

*Key rollovers 
dig / drill 

Who should attend? 

Those who use DNS and are considering deploying DNSSEC. 

Attendees should have some experience of running a BIND9 name server and be 
familiar with the jargon for resource records, as well as the syntax of zone 

We will discuss two quite different brands of name server for serving 
DNSSEC: BIND9 and PowerDNS. 

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops (Unix/Linux recommended, 
but Windows OK) so that they can follow the practical exercises. 

We will set  up an authoritative DNSSEC-signed zone and will configure an 
Unbound caching server to validate DNS queries. 

see:  http://www.ukuug.org/events/DNSSEC

for full details and on-line booking form

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