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Looking into the Future of HMG Desktop/Client side computing – 

London 04/04/12


The BCS Open Source Specialist Group (OSSG) will be holding a detailed event 
around the future of HM Government Desktop/Client side computing at the BCS 
Central London Offices, First  Floor, The Davidson  Building, 5 Southampton 
Street, London WC2E 7HA (http://www.bcs.org/upload/pdf/london-office-guide.pdf) 
on Wednesday 4th April 2012, from 1000 to 1700 hours.

Rationale for this event

With HM Government looking with renewed vigour at its computer 
systems and in particular what benefits open source may bring, this 
event intends to take a detailed look at what HMG Desktop/Client side 
computing may consist of in the near future. For example should it be 
based primarily around web services where accessible would not be 
platform dependent so that for instance Civil Servants can load whatever 
operating system they like on to an HMG funded laptop. Alternatively 
could the future follow more closely the success 
reports-success) of the City of Munich using the Limux operating system based 
around Ubuntu Linux 10.10 or perhaps should some form of rigidly controlled 
thin client system running off of blade servers be used.

Another possible way forward is through the use of what has been 
termed the ‘Jigsaw approach’ where business applications are all fully 
vendor independent of each other and can be swapped from one product to 
another with relative ease. For instance one Office Suite or Browser 
product might be used for say 6 months and therefore form part of the 
HMG desktop for that period of time, but can easily be changed for 
another product after that period of time.

This bookable event is free and open to all with buffet and refreshments. To 
book a place to attend please email Mark Elkins at mark_elkins at bcs.org


Paul Adams, Strategy for migrating from Windows to the Free Desktop

Gerry Gavigan, Chair, Open Source Consortium (OSC), 

Chris Kenyon, Vice President, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Services, 
Canonical http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/overview/management-team

Steve Lamb, Open Source Strategy Lead, Microsoft UK.
Steve works with Open Source developers,  communities and business 
leaders to enable & encourage a growing  ecosystem of Open Source 
projects on Microsoft technologies including  Windows Azure. Steve is a 
technologist with solid business and  communications experience who’s 
worked at Microsoft for the last ten  years with the previous ten being 
specialised in UNIX. He thrives on  breaking down unnecessary barriers, 
working with amazing people to  understand complicated problems and 
helping communities  be more successful. He has paid great attention to 
cloud technologies  (and social media) for many years. Steve has spoken 
at major conferences  around Europe including TechEd – he’s not “a 
speaker” by trade.

Event Abstract: Hands up who’d like to use a computer  that takes 
forever to boot, is inflexible, obsolete and expensive?  Anyone? No I 
thought not! Sadly this is the reality for users of the  current HMG 
standard desktop. It really doesn’t have to be this  way. My peers will 
present a range of alternative Open Source  platforms. Open Source runs 
REALLY WELL on Windows Client, Server and in  the (Azure) cloud. A 
MODERN version of Windows can give a MUCH BETTER  experience though 
changing the desktop Operating System  is only part of the solution. 
Having a sensible configuration is  critical. Keeping it up to date is 
key. Keeping costs down is important.  Freeing people to work HOW THEY 
WORK BEST is critical.

LinuxIT http://www.linuxit.com/

Darian Lyons, Elefire, Ltd. London

Tariq Rashid, Lead Architect HOIT Technology 
Solutions & Assurance, Home Office, HM Government, explaining the 
“jigsaw” model and its suggested benefits.

Sam Tuke is UK Coordinator for the Free Software 
Foundation Europe (FSFE). He has been using, developing, and promoting 
Free Software since 2003, organised and spoken at conferences in Sweden, 
Britain, and Germany, and is currently working on the Document Freedom 
Day 2012 campaign for Open Standards.
Event Abstract: Public bodies in Europe and beyond are making use of 
Free Software in a major way. From Munich City Council, to the schools 
and universities of Brazil, to the local authorities of Belgium, Free 
Software is providing new solutions in highly competitive public sector 
markets. Sam will introduce the most interesting of these deployments, 
and discuss why Free Software was chosen in each case and what benefits 
it brought. The talk will conclude with an exploration of the advantages that 
Free Software can offer to the British public sector.

Jan Wildeboer – Open Source Evangelist, Red Hat
Event Abstract: Building the New Now with Open Standards and Open 
Source – After a short definition of terms we will go through the 
history,     present and possible future of solutions based on open 
principles.     We will revisit some of the early projects that have 
worked and more     importantly those that didn’t work to learn from 
their failure.

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