[UKUUG-Announce] UKUUG - FLOSS UK - October Tutorials - early bird rates still available!!!!

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Mon Oct 8 12:07:58 BST 2012

Places still available at both forthcoming Tutorials.....

'Understanding Regular Expressions'  - full day tutorial by Damian Conway

Thursday 11th October 2012

Venue: Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, London WC1B 5BB

Description: This full day tutorial introduces beginner and intermediate 
programmers to the full functionality of Perl's regular expressions (and hence 
to the general behaviour of the Perl-compatible, or POSIX-ERE, regular 
expressions that are used in most other programming languages, editors, and 
developer tools as well). 
The morning sessions will focus on the underlying theory and the core features 
of Perl's pattern matching, thereby exploring the principles and mechanisms 
underlying all regular expressions. 
You'll see how the highly compact syntax of patterns actually programs a 
built-in “text-recognition engine”, and you'll learn how to design and 
construct regexes to drive that engine efficiently. By lunch time, regular 
expressions will no longer seem like a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in 
In the afternoon we'll look at some of the newer and more powerful features of 
Perl regular expressions, such as code embedding, recursive matching, named 
subrules, and backtracking control. These high-end features are not well 
covered in most textbooks or classes, yet understanding and being able to 
apply them is essential when dealing with large, real world data sets. 
By the end of the day, you will no longer have to “cross your fingers” when 
using pattern matching, and will have gained the necessary understanding to 
start actively engineering regular expressions that are both correct and 
Visit the web site at: 
http://www.flossuk.org/regex2012 for costs and on-line booking

'Presentation Skills'  - full day tutorial by Damian Conway

Friday 12th October 2012

Venue: Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, London WC1B 5BB

Description: The best and most effective presentations capture the audience 
quickly, hold their interest effortlessly, educate and entertain them in equal 
measure, and sometimes even inspire them. 
This class explores simple and effective techniques for achieving those goals 
in any kind of presentation. 
The first half of the class focuses on preparation, content selection, visual 
design, delivery, handling questions and effective techniques for presenting 
various kinds of technical information (code, data, statistics, charts, 
structure diagrams etc.) 
The second half of the course is an in-depth tutorial on improving the 'look 
and feel' of presentation materials – especially Powerpoint/Keynote/Impress 
presentations. In particular, it demonstrates practical techniques for making 
your slides not suck! 
Visit the web site at: 
http://www.flossuk.org/presenting2012 for delegate costs and on-line booking

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