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Google Workshop - Tuesday 18th March - Brighton

Additional workshop just announced!!!

Full day Workshop - costs will be:
£85 inc. vat Individual / Academic members
£110 inc. vat Corporate members

We need at least 12 bookings for this workshop to proceed (Google requirement) 
- Intentions are only necessary at this stage -

Please email me direct (office at ukuug.org) if you would like to secure a place.



Title: Large-scale System Design.


Truly large-scale systems are still rare, and in a world of out-sourcing,
and cloud-computing, it's harder for System Administrators to get the
opportunity to design large systems. It's even harder to get the design
right. Most organisations don't have the in-house expertise to build a
large system, so outsource the detailed design to external contractors. If
your organisation doesn't have the expertise to design a large system, it's
unlikely that it has the expertise to confirm a proposal is fit for purpose
and cost effective.

While anyone can wave their hands convincingly, and come up with a rough
outline of a large distributed system, those who can also fill in the
detail are highly prized. This class will teach you how to design software
systems like Imgur and Twitter, then estimate the hardware needed to ensure
you can deliver to a hard SLA. You will learn how requirements like
queries-per-second, multi-site reliability, and data security impact the
cost of implementation.

This will not cover concurrent programming and the software-engineering
side of distributed systems.

Who should attend:

System administrators, SREs and DevOps who have some familiarity of
distributed systems, server hardware and systems programming, especially
those who would like to work with, procure or build large distributed

Take back to work:

How to design large distributed systems, how to evaluate design proposals
and how to explain such designs to third parties.

Topics include:


   ●  Design patterns for large distributed systems

   ●  Monitoring large scale systems

   ●  Large-scale design workshop & presentations

   ●  Non-abstract design; taking a design, and producing a 'bill of

   ●  Designing to fail; how to work around rack, networking and datacenter
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