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'Tuning PostgreSQL for a large scale web environment' - by Simon Riggs

Wednesday 26th February 2014 - London

Course Outline: Come along and learn the tricks of the trade for getting the 
best out of your database in a large scale web environment from one of the 
foremost developers of PostgreSQL, and the designer of many of its High 
Availability features, Simon Riggs. 
Topics covered throughout the day will include understanding EXPLAINs, 
Workload Analysis, Join Planning, Indexes and SQL Performance Tips & Tricks 
This course is aimed at both DBAs and Developers with some knowledge of 

Tutor: Simon Riggs has been a PostgreSQL developer for 9 years and is now one 
of the few project committers worldwide. His work builds upon more than 25 
years as a database specialist working on commercial high performance/very 
large databases. Simon is the CTO of 2ndQuadrant, the leading developers of 

See:  http://www.flossuk.org/Events/TuningPostgreSQL2014

Places still available - early bird rates held!!!!!

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