[UKUUG-Announce] Wikimedia UK - meeting 14th June - Leeds

Jane Morrison office at ukuug.org
Tue May 20 15:10:00 BST 2014

Hi all,

My name is Katherine. I'm from Leeds and all my family live there but I 
currently work in London for a charity called Wikimedia UK - basically we're 
the UK outreach organisation for Wikipedia.   

I'm helping organise a meetup in Leeds on the 14th June as a volunteer to try 
an support community building around the UK and so I'm reaching out to a few 
Uni societies and local Hackspaces to let them know. I also really wanted to 
invite FLOSS suporters and members in the Yorkshire area - either to attend 
this event or to let you know they are happening and to come to a future one 
if you can't make this one. 

You can see the Facebook event here - 

The event page on Wiki here - https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Meetup/Leeds/3  

If so it would be awesome if some of you can make it down - we tend to talk 
about stuff going on in the wikimedia movement and a lot of related open 
source, CC license and free culture topics. Its also a good chance to find out 
more about our charity I suppose, because we are a grant making organisation 
and always looking to support project work in line with our mission you never 
know if there is some potenial support for things you'd like to realise. 

I'm doing this as a volunteer rather than as a member of staff and it's pretty 
informal. It would be great to meet some of you there

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