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OpenTech 15
Saturday 13th June 2015 -  University London Union 
The usual mix of technology, experience and everything else. 
See:  http://www.opentech.org.uk

Dynamic Languages Conference   -   Saturday 20th June 2015 - Manchester
The DLC is a cross-language event aimed at Open Source Dynamic Languages, we hope 
to bring together all the languages in an open forum to discuss and present the 
manner in which these languages approach and solve tasks at the cutting edge of 
development technology.
The Dynamic language conference is a joint initiative organised by FLOSS UK and 
Shadowcat Systems. We hope to encourage a wide uptake from both business, 
entrapaneurs, freelancers and interested individuals. 
Tickets now available at http://dynamiclanguagesconf2015.eventbrite.co.uk
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