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*Spring 2016 - Mary Ward House - London*
Four Workshops (Tuesday 15th March)
2 day Conference (Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th March)
*/*** 'use code LOYAL for a 20% discount to the conference,  (direct link: 
full Day: / Getting Started with OpenNMS - Dr. Craig Gallen/
full Day: /Introduction to Chef - Kimball Johnson/
half-day: /Modern Web Development with Perl - Dave Cross/
half-day: /Configuration Management with Ansible and Git - Paul Waring/

*Mandi Walls (CHEF) will open the Conference Programme.*
List of provisional talks:

*/Getting the maximum out of Systemd /*

*/Configuration management with Ansible and Git /*

*/Multiple choice: Open Source DNS servers /*

*/Logical Replication in PostgreSQL /*

*/Ansible Virtual Machine Bootstrapper /*

*/OpenNMS and Cassandra – a marriage made in heaven? /*

*/Tuning Linux for your Database /*

*/#Monitoringsucks to #monitoringlove /*

*/Nftables /*

*/Icinga2 in the middle of your toolstack /*

*/Writing Books (the Easy Bit) /*

*/Perl CLI for Fun and Profit /*

*/Lightning Talks /*

*/Admonitor – simple server monitoring /*

*/MariaDB/MySQL security essentials /*

*/Architecture Automation, One Alligator at Once /*

*/Open Source, A Job and an Adventure /*

*/Data Revolution Catalyst /*

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