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Thu Jul 28 11:36:45 BST 2016

*Survey on configuration languages*
I would like to invite you to take a survey on configuration languages.
The survey is about 10 minutes long and does not require any specific
skills or knowledge, anyone can participate in it.
The survey is a part of ongoing research at University of Edinburgh
School of Informatics on configuration languages. As Paul Anderson has
mentioned previously, we are interested in studying the usability of
configuration languages and how it relates to the configuration errors.
The survey will be open through the *2nd of August, 2016*. It is possible
to take survey in parts by choosing to finish it later, but it cannot be
completed past the deadline.
Please feel free to forward this survey to others.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact:
*Adele Mikoliunaite (s1566881 at sms.ed.ac.uk <mailto:s1566881 at sms.ed.ac.uk>) *
*or Dr. Kami Vaniea (kvaniea at inf.ed.ac.uk <mailto:kvaniea at inf.ed.ac.uk>)*
Your answers to the survey will be used in aggregate to improve our
understanding of how configuration languages are understood and used.
Thank you
*Adele Mikoliunaite*
*Masters student at University of Edinburgh*

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