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Seasons Greetings from all at FLOSSUK

Preparations are well underway for the annual FLOSSUK Spring Conference <https://www.flossuk.org/membership/spring-conference-2018/>, this year to be held in Edinburgh. We already have half of the talks agreed, with a keynote presentation by the Debian Project leader Chris Lamb. Chris will be busting some myths about developers and security, and exploring how developers can be targets too.

The conference is preceded by a number of workshops <https://www.flossuk.org/membership/spring-conference-2018/spring18-workshops/>, covering Digital Forensics, monitoring small systems and Docker. The is also a free practical Raspberry Pi workshop.

Tickets for the conference are available <https://www.flossuk.org/membership/spring-conference-2018/spring-2018-tickets/>, priced at only £150 which includes the conference dinner at held at Dynamic Earth <http://www.dynamicearth.co.uk/>.

You can take part in the conference, the second round Call for Papers <https://www.flossuk.org/membership/spring-conference-2018/call-for-papers/> is open until January 14th. The FLOSSUK council will be meeting in January to review the papers and finalise the conference schedule, which will be published after the council meeting.

We held our AGM in York on Wednesday the 13th of December, full details of this will be included in the annual newsletter being published shortly.
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